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New adventures coming soon!
Denni-Jo and Pinto at the Rodeo

Denni-Jo and Pinto

After she finished her breakfast and her chores, Denni-Jo raced to the corral, where her paint pony waited for her.
“Guess what, Pinto,” she asked, rubbing his forehead.

“Today we’re going on an adventure!”

Join Denni-Jo and Pinto as their adventure brings 

runaway surprises… and they use their riding and roping skills to set things right.

Denni-Jo is starting another adventure soon!
Denni-Jo and Pinto at the Rodeo.


Mid-summer…every cowgirl knows what that means...RODEO!
Join me and my pony Pinto for an exciting day of competition
at the rodeo. Saddle up and let’s go! 


Denni-Jo and Pinto at the Rodeo is currently in the illustration phase and should be ready

for publication late 2024!

Check back for more updates and details Pad'ners.


Follow along lil' buckaroos!

Author Buck Buchanan

is reading the Denni-Jo book and singing the song

for all his fans. 

Below are 4 videos containing the read-along and sing-along episodes. 

Join in!

Denni-Jo Song

Denni-Jo Song

Play Video
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