Now in its SECOND printing!

Denni-Jo and Pinto

After she finished her breakfast and her chores, Denni-Jo raced to the corral, where her paint pony waited for her.
“Guess what, Pinto,” she asked, rubbing his forehead.

“Today we’re going on an adventure!”

Join Denni-Jo and Pinto as their adventure brings 

runaway surprises… and they use their riding and roping skills to set things right.

Denni-Jo and Pinto is now in its SECOND printing! There are Limited First Editions still available.
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Children's Book | Denni-jo, Western Cowgirl

Follow along lil' buckaroos!

Author Buck Buchanan

is reading the Denni-Jo book and singing the song

for all his fans. 

Below are 4 videos containing the read-along and sing-along episodes. 

Join in!

Denni-Jo Song

Denni-Jo Song

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